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Children may face various language and communication difficulties. This is where Specialized Therapy Services (STS) comes into play. Our Speech Language Pathologists (SLP’s) are here to help your child with any communication deficits they may face.

Our speech language pathologists work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children. Although people often think of speech and language as the same thing, the terms have very different meanings. If your child has trouble with speech, he/ she struggles with the “how-to” of talking—the coordination of the muscles and movements necessary to produce speech. If your child has trouble with language, he/she struggles with understanding others, or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a functional and appropriate way. Your child may struggle to find the right words and/or organize those words in a meaningful way to communicate a message or hold a conversation. Children may also have difficulty producing speech sounds correctly or fluently (e.g., stuttering is a form of disfluency) or have problems with his or her voice or resonance.  Out therapists also work with children who present with social communication disorders in which they have trouble with the social use of verbal and nonverbal communication. These disorders may include problems communicating for social purposes, talking in different ways to suit the listener and setting, and following rules for conversation and story-telling. Lastly, our SLP’s are equipped to work with children who present with swallowing disorders, feeding difficulties and cognitive-communication disorders include problems organizing thoughts, paying attention, remembering, planning, and/or problem-solving.

The STS clinic offers speech and language services with an emphasis on the following:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Receptive and expressive language
  • Auditory processing Disorder
  • Learning disorders
  • Motor speech, including apraxia and dysarthria
  • Social and pragmatic deficits
  • Articulation, phonological, and oral motor concerns
  • Voice disorders
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • Sensory processing and sensory motor awareness and development
  • Visual perception awareness
  • Feeding and swallowing

Through evidence-based methods, our SLP’s will incorporate fun and effective activities that are designed to address the specific needs of your child.  We believe that there is no one “right method” for treatment. Rather, we connect the various cognitive processes (sensory, vestibular, attention, and language) to ensure positive growth and lasting change.