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Jen Finkelstein, LPCC
Julia Maushart, LMFT

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Angie Colter, LMFT
Dana McNeil, IMF
Susan Buckley, LMFT
Devon DuBois, LMFT
Alicia Roth, LMFT
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Susan Workman, LMFT
Marc Rosenberg, IMF

Alyssa Safran, LMFT

Alyssa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist currently serving children, pre-teen, adolescent, and young adult clients. She has worked with many adults, children, and families in a variety of settings including an autism clinic and crisis house, though has a special interest in school-based mental health services. Alyssa holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University and a BA in Communication Disorders with the SLPA license.

Alyssa has been working in the school setting for the past 6 years and is knowledgeable about special education, learning disabilities, language disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. She enjoys working with children of all ages and is passionate about empowering students with  tools for self advocacy, problem solving, increased self awareness, and social inclusion. 

Alicia Roth, LMFT

Alicia graduated from Alliant International University with her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and graduated with her BA in Psychology from UCSD. Alicia is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and currently works at a private practice in Mission Valley as well as provides academic based counseling services with Specialized Therapy Services. 
She is passionate about connection and enjoys working with the entire family system to create lasting positive change.  Her primary aim as a therapist is improving lives through helping children, individuals, couples and families meet their goals while also improving their most important relationships. Alicia has worked in research and academic settings, crisis treatment facilities, community clinics and in private practice settings. 

Julia Maushart, LMFT

Julia Maushart is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in San Diego, California. Julia has worked with individuals, couples, children and families for more than 7 years. She began her career as part of North County Lifeline where she counseled youth, individuals and families by providing support with life transitions, academic planning, behavioral issues and interpersonal relationships. Since 2009, she has facilitated support groups and educational classes, such as Teen empowerment and Development, Social Skills, Anti-bullying/Theft, Anger Management and Parenting Education.  Julia has been working in the school setting for the last 5 years and finds working with students extremely rewarding. Her goal is to help students uncover their inherent strengths, innate potential and sense of direction. She focuses on the unique needs of each student improving insight and awareness so they are able to grow as individuals and make significant progress toward their goals.  

Susan Workman, LMFT

Susan received her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University and Bachelors in Psychology from UCSD.  Susan has worked with children, adolescents, and young adults in diverse settings including Uganda, Africa. She has experience in hospital and private practice settings with people struggling from depression, anxiety, grief/loss, life transitions, and identity and shame issues. Her passion is helping people work through their past traumas, fears, and challenging life events. Susan enjoys working with kids and their families through utilization of play therapy and supporting the family unit for sustained change. She believes in the process of helping students work through barriers that hinder them from accomplishing their education, social, and emotional goals and in the courageous act of receiving support through counseling and helping students develop a healthy sense of self and strategies to help cope through life challenges.  

Angie Colter, LMFT

Angie believes in empowering health and preventative medicine. She uses a strength and wellness based approach, creating ease, health, and wellness for clients. Angie holds a M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy, B.S. in Music Therapy, and is nationally board certified in music and massage therapy. Since 2006, she has worked in treatment centers, hospitals, nonprofits, hospice, preventative care and developmental services. Angie collaborates with other natural health providers to offer unique treatment choices and recommendations. She sees her clients for who they are at their core and uses her extensive training to heal and empower her clients with the tools they need to thrive. Angie offers traditional family counseling, couples, children, adolescent, group counseling, addiction/recovery treatment, and music therapy.

Susan Buckley, LMFT

Susan is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Diego.  Susan has always had a passion for working with children, adolescents and teens.  Before becoming a therapist, Susan volunteered as a children’s coordinator at a domestic violence shelter.  During and after graduate school, she worked from a trauma-based perspective with foster children and foster parents at an agency.  Since becoming a therapist, Susan has worked in private practice with a variety of populations, her favorites being children and families. Using a variety of techniques, including art and play interventions, Susan strives to help children ages 3 through 18 to express what they might not yet have the verbal skills to convey, in order to help them more effectively communicate, problem-solve, process emotions, and interact with others. She feels fortunate to be in a position to help children develop tools that can help them experience life more fully and successfully.

Devon DuBois, LMFT

Devon DuBois is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California (LMFT, #87052). She received her Masters degree from Alliant International University and has spent the past 7 years working in a variety of mental health settings. She has experience presenting for organizations such as The National Charity League, The United States Navy, the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, and MOPS. She has received extensive training in the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model and has experience working with military populations, trauma-survivors, distressed couples and families, and adolescents. Devon is passionate about helping individuals make healthier decisions, find balance, and overcome challenges related to anxiety, learning disabilities, or depression. Her approach is collaborative in nature, and much of her theoretical framework is centered around attachment theory. Her mission is to help adolescents experience improved health, increased happiness, and more success in life and in the classroom.

Jen Finkelstein, LPCC

Jen Finkelstein is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in California. She received her master’s degree from the University of Hawaii and worked with youth in schools in Hawaii before returning to her hometown of San Diego.  She has worked for more than 9 years in a variety of settings including non-profits such as the Tariq Khamisa Foundation and North County Lifeline, where she implemented and supervised programs such as gang prevention, teen pregnancy prevention and juvenile diversion programs. Jen has also volunteered for many years with the Urban Surf 4 Kids Program which works with local foster youth in San Diego, Nevada, Florida and northern Baja. She believes in working collaboratively to help teens and adults leave behind the struggles they face today and help them to shift their perspective and to equip them with the tools to move onward to a future of happiness and success. 

Marc Rosenberg, LMFT, BCBA

Marc Rosenberg is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  located in Encinitas, California. He received his Masters of Arts in Sports Business from the University of San Francisco in 2007 and his Masters of Science in Counseling from California State University, Fullerton in 2012. Marc has worked with individuals, couples, children, and families for over 10 years in a variety of settings including private practice, educationally related mental health services, and social and community service agencies. He began his counseling career by serving children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders and has continued to broaden his scope of practice by introducing new populations of clients throughout his career. Marc’s passion for health and fitness plays a prominent role in his treatment process, using a holistic perspective and integrative treatment strategies to best support his clients growth. He believes that change is made through collaboration and team supports, and he strives to provide each client with a supportive and engaging environment in which to process their journeys, and create healthy road maps for their future success. 

Kari van den Eikhof, IMF

Kari van den Eikhof is a Marriage Family Therapist Intern (IMF), credentialed teacher, and artist from North County San Diego. She received both her Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies and teaching
credential from California State, Long Beach in 2011 and later earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in 2017. Kari has spent her career in education, teaching both preschool and kindergarten before returning to graduate school. While in
graduate school, Kari trained as a high school mental health counselor. In addition to working as an IMF, Kari enjoys drawing and painting, and she has found success incorporating art in counseling sessions to help students express themselves non-verbally. Kari believes in the power of human connection, and seeks first to build trust and respect with students in order to create a space of growth, self-discovery, and healing.

Cynthia Valentine, IMF

Cynthia is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, IMF #85621 (an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist) and received her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from National University. Over the past four years, she has worked in a variety of settings including ABA tutoring, substance-abuse rehabilitation, long-term residential care for clients with serious mental illness and domestic violence counseling. She has an affinity for families and teens and began working with OAS Specialized Therapy Services in October 2017. Her strengths include person-centered and mindfulness based approaches, trauma, behavioral issues, anxiety, depression and grief and loss. Cynthia helps her clients develop insight, meaningful purpose, and empowerment through play and talk-therapy. She is passionate about teaching her clients’ effective coping skills and providing developmental guidance for their growing, individual self-expression.