Specialized Therapy Services also serves the therapy needs of the students enrolled in the 50+ charter schools throughout Southern California.


STS is a non public agency approved by the California Department of Education to work with school districts in fulfilling their students' special education needs.


To learn more about our school based contracted services, please visit our STS Schools page.

We can be reached at (619) 431 - 5049

and at info@theoascenter.com 

For a full list of clinic services, please visit our STS Clinic  page.

school based services

our mission

Steve Oas


Founder and President

Specialized Therapy Services & OAS Center

Specialized Therapy Services' vision is to positively impact the lives of children, adolescents, and their families by using an integrative and individualized approach to therapy in order to facilitate better health outcomes, enhanced development and  improved learning abilities. 

Specialized Therapy Services' mission is to make connections happen for clients with developmental and learning disabilities whom we serve. We accomplish this through a comprehensive program that integrates physical, cognitive, language, sensory, and life skills to maximize the neural connections and learning. In doing so, we address each child's individual needs by using the most appropriate and fun therapies to foster growth and independence.

about us

Specialized Therapy Services and Oas Center is San Diego's most recommended pediatric therapy center for Speech, O/T, P/T, Mental Health, Autism, and other developmental disorders.

our vision

Since 2004, our comprehensive specialist team has a combined 40-year experience and includes 20 Speech Language Pathologists, 10 Occupational Therapists, 4 Physical Therapists, 12 Psychologists, 7 Counselors,
1 Audiologist, 3 nurses, and 3 Assistive Technology Specialists.


Specialized Therapy Services offers client sessions at two convenient locations

  • Main clinic at the OAS CENTER
    4204-A Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA  92116
  • Satellite clinic at Liberty Station, Point Loma
    2820 Roosevelt Rd. Ste. 104, San Diego, CA 92106